The main "sailing" page... a recently developed obsession culminating in the purchase of a Nimble 20. Check the links at the right for some Nimble 20 documentation, latest blog posts and archives.

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Pocket Cruiser Specifications
A reasonably detailed, sortable list of specifications of various trailer sailors / pocket cruisers that I heard about, researched, lusted after, or even looked at in person can be reached with this link.

Things I Think I Think
Coming soon, with apologies to Peter King - in my opinion the top NFL writer out there - I'll be presenting my Things I Think I Think... a rather free form list of the good and the bad (and if I'm not careful with the sander, the ugly) from my new sailing obsession.
  1. Getting help with sailboats in Idaho isn't as hard as I feared.
    • Ever since bringing Turnstone back from Anacortes, I've been worried about getting any sort of work done on her here in Idaho... it's bad enough that every little thing I need I have to order from West Marine. However, after meeting Chip Chapman from Chapman's Boat Repair in Boise, and Joel from Rudder Craft (formerly IdaSailor), I feel a lot better... those two took great care of myself and Turnstone, and bent over backwards to make it easy for someone coming from Hailey to Boise to get some work done on a boat. I can't recommend the two of them more highly.
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