What follows here is a rather random collection of tools and websites that I have found very useful. Most are links to other sites, but in the case of some hard to find tools I have taken the liberty of hosting installers here.

Nature Photographers:
Great site to view excellent nature photography of all kinds. All the images I have posted there have received very useful feedback.

Luminous Landscape:
Just about anything you could think of pertaining to photography, you'll find it covered here. Great in depth articles, very hands on, good forums too.

TLR Professional Sharpening Toolkit:
A collection of three Photoshop scripts for capture sharpening, creative sharpening, and output sharpening. Invaluable FREE tools that do the same as many commercial products; includes an easy to understand PDF manual that takes a lot of the mystery out of sharpening.

Web / Computer / Development Tools
Digital Mars:
A FREE C/C++ compiler for Windows machines. May not have a lot of high end components to it, but it's free and bullet proof if you just need to grind away at some data.

Great freeware editor for C/C++, HTML, PHP, ASP, Javascript etc. etc. Constantly being updated and bug fixed, lets me work on remote hosted files directly through an FTP connection.

Desktop Icon Save & Restore:
Great freeware Windows XP add on to allow you to save and restore custom desktop icon layouts. Great if you dock and undock a laptop or want to restore precise desktop icon locations after changing your screen resolution.