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Fox Creek Mt Biking
Fox Creek Sun Valley mountain biking mt biking multiple exposure extreme sports scenic bicycle riding
Ketchum, ID
mountain bike racing mt biker race Wood River Cup Hailey Idaho Scott USA female rider
Croy Canyon, ID
Dropping In
mountain bike silhouette biking mt biker downhill racer Wood River Cup
Hailey, ID
Air Ambulance
lifeflight air ambulance air st lukes air-med medevac Bellevue Wood River Valley
Bellevue, ID
female red fox snow snowy den protecting sunlight Idaho wildlife
Hailey, ID
Winter Walk
cattle winter ranching Big Lost River Range mountains Borah Idaho snow cows
Arco, ID
Craters Tree
Craters of the Moon National Monument winter storm tree wind snow clouds
Craters of the Moon NM
Winter Sunset
winter sunset gate fence ranch land pasture Picabo Silver Creek Idaho
Picabo, ID
akita dog pet portraits Sophie
Boise, ID
Down Valley
Hailey Idaho Wood River Valley night time long exposure commute traffic streets roads driving south fall
Hailey, ID
squirrel animal action jump fence post animal portrait
Hailey, ID
Fall Trees
fall sprinklers frozen pines colors leaves changing
Hailey, ID
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